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Films by Ally Acker


        Reel Herstory :
The REAL Story of Reel Women
   Hosted by 
 Jodie Foster
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Filmmakers on Film

A 10 Part Documentary Series

The first director to tell a story on the screen, the highest paid director in the silent days, the pioneer of socially conscious films, the first editor to receive solo screen credit … all were women.


Based on the groundbreaking edition, Reel Women: THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS, by Ally Acker, JODIE FOSTER takes us on a sweeping journey that looks at the remarkable achievements of female filmmakers from 1896 into the 21st century who transformed the way we look at movies.  Using rare footage, and exclusive interviews with filmmakers all over the globe, REEL HERSTORY corrects the notion that women behind the scenes held adjunct or peripheral careers, and restores them rightfully to their pioneering status.

A 10-Part Series on Pioneering Women in Film Award winning series that premiered at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.


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The Flowering of the Crone :
     Leonora Carrington,
                         Another Reality

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I am armed with madness for a long voyage...” writes British born visionary painter, sculptor  and writer, Leonora Carrington, most often  associated with the Surrealist movement, as well as the one-time lover of Max Ernst, Carrington’s work is arguably not SURREAL in the way her forebears meant, but possessed by a uniquely powerful and utterly personal vision.


Carrington rebelled from her upper class background nearly from birth. After being presented at Buckingham Palace, she escaped to London to study art. What followed would transform her iconography forever.


This first film of Carrington’s life and work produced in the United States covers her entire oeuvre, and includes a fanciful depiction of her famous 1939 short story, “The Debutante.”

I'm another title

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     Reel Women Mediae.

From a Student Academy Award nomination in 1979, to field producing and writing for The Today Show, Good Morning America, Disney, LifeTime, and National Geographic's Explorer, Ally has been making media since she was 13. Go to REEL WOMEN to see more of her films.

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